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May 16, 2019

'Accessibility from the start' means SharePoint, OneDrive and other Microsoft 365 apps aspire to "represent the voice of people with disabilities" throughout planning, development, design, testing and into production with continuous feedback. It's something that must be built into every product Microsoft makes so that our offerings are inclusive for everyone. In this episode, we hear from three accessibility experts: Megan Lawrence, PhD (senior technical evangelist - Microsoft), Eli Waalkes (senior program manager - SharePoint) and Lauren Back (usability engineering from HCL Technologies). Enjoy the show!

Running Time: 75min

Show Intro [00:00:00:00]

Topic of the Week – Accessibility

Guest Perspective – Megan Lawrence [00:05:45:00]

Guest Perspective – Eli Waalkes [00:28:15:00]

Guest Perspective – Lauren Back [00:45:00:00]

Upcoming Events [01:06:05:00]

FAQs Roundtable [01:07:55:00]

Show Wrap [01:13:20:00]

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